Career Tools: Communicate To Motivate Teams

It’s not a way to embarrass coworkers, said Krista Bofill, director of development at Fuqua. It’s a way to build camaraderie. “If we get a gift, everybody has to do the money dance,” Bofill said. “It’s not about moves or rhythm, it’s simply about getting everyone excited because we’ve done a good job.” While dancing may not work for everyone, it’s a unique way Duke employees motivate others. Whether you’re a supervisor or not, creating a positive impact on coworkers can be a responsibility for everyone in an office or department. It’s a way to boost morale and make a more cohesive work environment, Bofill said. “It’s about making everyone feel a part of decisions, programs and the excitement of successes,” she said. An important key to finding what will succeed to motivate others is to first figure out what excites members of a team, said Keisha Williams, director of Learning and Organization Development . By determining a common denominator that motivates multiple people, Williams noted it’s easier to create cohesion among coworkers.


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